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Nutty Professor Award

How this award was never thought of when Ivor was around I'll never know! Quite obviously awarded for doing or saying something nerdy like: "Well duh! Linux is way better than Windows" or "Well I'd love to join you but I have eczema" or for just being clumsy etc.. Think Jerry Lewis. (And yes, before you try it, I am aware of the irony of someone who regularly updates a website giving such an award, so don't bother mentioning it)

27 January 2005

First recipient?

It was bound to happen, Matt for just one too many "Oh, yeah, well the problem with that program is this <fill in blank with suitable nerdy comment>" It was pretty much the first thing I heard him say!

HE JUST PUSHED ME TOO FAR! And hence, this award.

I'll have to buy him a pocket protector now, (then he'll have one for each day!).



14 July 2005

Wow! A double dose of Nerdiness! It was a Nerd Convention when we headed to a nearby pub for farewell drinks to wish Matt all the best for his move to Melbourne.

While Tom and I had been to the Gym climbing, Edna and Harvey had gone straight to the pub for drinks (Meg arranged to meet us after climbing - Bushfire lighter!).

Nothing Nerdy so far you might say...

It wasn't until later in the evening that Edna revealed that Matt was thinking about leaving before we got there, and in order to make him stay longer Quang fell on his sword and started a conversation about micro-biology (or something similarly Nerdy), knowing that it would make him talk for ages.

It worked, an hour later Matt and Edna were still there looking bleary-eyed and having one heck of a Nerd-Fest! The only thing missing was the coke-bottle-lens-glasses and lab-coats!


Sorry Edna, I know you were playing to his weakness, but it was a topic that none of the rest of us would have thought about bringing up, think of yours as a sacrificial Pocket Protector for the greater good.

Actually, I think that there's a chance these two may dominate in this award.


14 July 2005

While it wasn't strictly a climbing trip, they did do some climbing while on their honeymoon, so I reckon this effort should count.

A Pocket Protector on a honeymoon? Yup, spending "Five hours in techno heaven" (to use Tom's words) while in Singapore, and emerging with his and hers PDA's will just about win you any nerd-based award.

Well done Gump and Feral, a joint Pocket Protector... hopefully you can download this on your new toys!


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