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2005 Awards
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Admission into the Sand-Baggers Hall Of Fame occurs after a Sand-Bagger has been awarded 2 annual awards in a category as voted annually by their Sand-Bagging peers. Hall Of Fame members are deemed to be the embodiment of the Award for which they have been recognised.

The first inductees into the Hall Of Fame have been recognised for their contributions in pioneering the spirit of each Award.




Gold Sand-Bag Award

The Highest honour that can be bestowed upon a Sand-Bagger


sănd' băg v : To convince someone to climb a route that is either harder / scarier (or both) than you actually let on.


Stuart "Dr Nick" Turner



Nailclipper Award


nail'clĭ'pper n : One who makes self-indulgent comments revealing just how precious they really are.

Quang "Aunty Edna" Doan




A.P. Award / Bushfire Lighter


 Recipients of the A.P. are female and are deemed to have just had a bit of a sulk, and decided they didn't want to climb for no reason other than they have an Aching... ummm, err, well, ...

The Bushfire Lighter is awarded to males and is derived from the claim that if a man is having a tough time "getting it up" that going out and lighting a raging Bushfire is a sure way to get a raging fire going in the trouser department again... hence one who decides not to climb must have a soft cock and therefore has gone out to light a bushfire to bring back their manliness.


Mark "Miss Daisy" Hutton




Spray Award FIGJAM

fĭg'jăm abbr & n. Acronym for Fuck I'm Great! Just Ask me. Descriptive noun used to identify an individual who thinks that they are just the bee's knees, and wants everyone to know it!

Stuart "Dr Nick" Turner




High Beam Award

"What? People expect you to turn up at this time of night, for heaven's sake!" Dr Nick

This Award is given to those who demonstrate an almost unnatural ability to act or speak in an astoundingly socially inept manner, demonstrating a complete lack of knowledge of acceptable social behaviour.

Stuart "Dr Nick" Turner




Nutty Professor Award

Awarded for doing or saying something nerdy like: "Well duh! Linux is way better than Windows" or "Well I'd love to join you but I have eczema" or for just being clumsy etc.. Think Jerry Lewis.


Quang "Aunty Edna" Doan




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